Best Use of ICT Tools Award

This prize will be given to the project that most successfully implements existing Information Technology Tools to improve either learning outcomes or employability.

We seek any innovative new technological tool, or any project that uses existing Information Technology tools in an innovative way.


It is possible to innovate by creating the new. However, it is equally possible to innovate by taking the existing, and to create new ways of using the existing.

Higher education is aflush with ICT Tools, which have become well-established as having clear pedagogical applications. Yet it is possible that once new technology becomes embedded in an institution, educators and administrators alike cease innovating.

If higher education is to remain at the forefront of technological innovation, it is key that it does not stagnate. As such, it is essential that educators and administrators alike continue to seek new applications for existing resources.

This principle is the basis of our new Best Use of ICT Tools Award. This award will acknowledge the project that is most successful in:

  • Finding a well-established Information Technology Tool;
  • Finding new ways to use this tool to improve learning outcomes or employability outcomes;
  • Demonstrating that novel ways of using an already-existing ICT Tool results in improved pedagogy, as evidenced by improved learning outcomes.